When a "War of the Worlds"-style on-air stunt goes wrong, a disgraced radio hotshot is forced to

leave Los Angeles and move back home to try and resurrect her career at the station that developed

her in the small town that hates her.


Jessica Serrano is approaching one year back in her hometown of Kentwood (Pickletown, U.S.A!) and

managing small community radio station WKNT after an on-air stunt-gone-wrong at revered Los

Angeles station KROL led to her firing and national humiliation. The one-year anniversary is ratcheting

up her anxiety to make WKNT into a ratings and revenue powerhouse in order to rebuild her industry

reputation and recommence her career in bigger (and more glamorous) markets. Her multiplying

anxiety to turn this sleepy station around is often in conflict with Daniel, her loyal-but-integrous

Program Director, who considers nothing beyond the purity of his playlists and the connection he

makes with his small (but fervent) overnight fan base. Following interviews for the open 8-12 evening

time slot, Jessica is forced to choose between giving the time to a pair of obnoxious internet

pranksters, who guarantee big ratings but lack any local or community connection, and a surprise

applicant with big talent and the same spirit at the heart of WKNT... a choice mirroring Jessica’s own

struggle between her ambitions and her loyalty to the station and the people who gave her a start.

Principal Characters

JESSICA SERRANO (34) - WKNT's Station Manager. 68% Leslie Knope/32% Selina Meyer. Ambitious,

gifted, and chafing against her forced humility. The only thing quicker than her rise up the ranks of

terrestrial radio was her collapse to the bottom. Coming up on one year back in exile at her first radio

station (WKNT) in her hometown (Kentwood), Jessica is torn between wanting to turn around this

small community station's revenue and profile in order to reestablish herself and rediscovering what

made her love radio in the first place. Loathes the town she grew up in and the feeling is mutual. High

school valedictorian who used her commencement speech to tell the town to “_____ on/with/from a

_______ of dicks” (the quote has grown in legend; no one agrees on the exact action verb and

measurement of dicks).

DANIEL NEWBERRY (36) - WKNT's Program Director/Musical Director and Jessica's second-in

command. A radio prodigy; on the air since he was eleven. Eleven! A purist. Willing and eager to go

down with the sinking ship of terrestrial radio. The station's resident musical expert, but not an elitist -

everyone is welcome underneath the tent. Less Jack Black in High Fidelity than Minnie Driver in

Grosse Pointe Blank. A little bid of Abed from Community. Hosts “Spin Cycle,” the overnight show on


GLORIA CONLEY (early 20s) - Freelance journalist recently out of college. Gloria has just moved to

town to take care of her ailing grandmother, and is doing some freelance work for the Kentwood

Journal-Dispatch. One of her first assignments is a story on Jessica's one-year anniversary back in

town and running WKNT. Spending the day at the station and talking with the staff, Gloria realizes that

there could be more for her at WKNT than just a story assignment.

ALISON ROYFFE (late 20s/early 30s) - WKNT'S Sales Director. Adventurer. Hedonist. Otherworldly

salesperson. Wizard-level abilities of persuasion that border on mind control. Don Draper with a bit of

Barney from "HIMYM," except with an appetite for *all* of life's grand delights, not just the sexual.

Also hosts "The Rollerskating Jam" on Saturday nights - WKNT's Golden Age Hip-Hop Show.

ALEC MANNING (early-mid 50s) - WKNT's News Director. Entrenched in the hardcore scene in the

early 80s. Played in bands. Fell into drug addiction and the entire 1990s are basically his “lost

weekend.” Gay and married. Heavily-tattooed anarchist. Distrustful of all government officials, which

makes "The Argument" - the midday news show that he hosts - awfully contentious.

SAM TAKAHASHI (late 20s/early 30s) - WKNT'S Chief Engineer. Not allowed to listen to music growing

up. Constantly reading. A savant with electrical equipment and knowledge of FCC rules and

regulations. Kenneth from “30 Rock” with the bumpkin-ness dialed down; more “comes from an

insular and strict family.”

ZIGGY (60s/70s) - WKNT'S owner. George Clinton crossed with Ziggy Stardust; literally - rainbow

colored hair and glasses and a red lightning bolt painted down the right side of his face. Tours the

country with his space-funk folk collective, checking in on WKNT when he's in town. Acquired the

license over forty years ago and was WKNT's original station manager. Part space cadet, but definitely

emotionally present when required and wise enough to serve as a father figure.


Track #1 - “Take Me to the Pilot”

One year back in her hometown of Kentwood, WKNT Station Manager Jessica Serrano conducts

interviews for the vacant evening slot. A visitor to the station causes unrest. FEATURED SHOW: “Spin


Track #2 - “I Wanna Feel a Soft Rope Burn”

Jessica organizes a community focus group to determine how to grow the station. Gloria preps for her

first show. FEATURED SHOW: “Stacy and the Bull”

Track #3 - “Kings and Queens and Generals”

Jessica and Daniel meet with the station's on-air personnel to encourage show development. Gloria is

introduced to a shadowy WKNT icon. FEATURED SHOW: “The Drifter”

Track #4 – “You're a Siren – Everything I Want”

The staff goes out for karaoke. Sam struggles with seeing his ex for the first time post-breakup.

FEATURED SHOW: “The Prince of Darkness”

Track #5 – “I Sing Myself to Sleep”

When Daniel can’t stay awake after an overnight shift, Alison’s mystery beverage sends him into an

extended “Pop-Up Radio” hallucination. Alec moderates Kentwood's mayoral debate. FEATURED

SHOW: “Love, Kentwood Style”

Track #6 - “You and Me in the War of the End Times”

Kentwood's annual Pickle Festival brings with it the 39th Battle of the Bandwidths, as WKNT competes

with archrival WTIP for supremacy. Ziggy decides to redecorate the studio. FEATURED SHOW: “Fifty

Acre Zone”

Track #7 – “The Dirty and the Fallen”

An in-studio appearance from a famous musician leads to jostling amongst the staff for her favour.

FEATURED SHOW: “Smark Money”

Track #8 - “Sleeping on the Interstate”

Daniel and Sam host a live event at the local car dealership, whose owner conceals a shameful past.

Alison and Gloria spend the day adventuring. FEATURED SHOW: “Don't Yuck My Yum”

Track #9 – “On the Verse There's a Price, on the Show There's a Fee”

The staff is on high anxiety as 8/1 approaches, with its accompanying witch's curse. FEATURED

SHOW: “88.1 Hurts”

Track #10 -“You Can Be Anyone They Told You To”

The ratings numbers are released with unfortunate results for Jessica and WKNT. Gloria’s mother

passes away forcing her to contemplate her future in Kentwood. Daniel's experience with a caller

leaves him shaken. FEATURED SHOW: “Bud Mizelle Presents: That Old Feeling”